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Adam Robinson Castlemaine

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Cleanliness is the most important thing to maintain in our household. To maintain a healthy lifestyle we need also to maintain our daily cleanliness.

Today I will discuss some of the do’s don’ts to clean our lighting fittings.

Cleanliness also increases the life of our electrical equipment, such as lighting equipment. Lighting can enhance are in a moment, but with this they also attract bugs, collect dust and spider webs unless properly maintained. This causes our light fittings to reduce the life expectancy.

But, it is possible to maintain their integrity by the following methods:

Safety is a massive priority when cleaning. You may injure yourself from burns to your skin by touching extremely hot objects or injuring yourself unless properly isolating the electrical equipment.

Here are some of the most important measures to follow provided by Adam Robinson Castlemaine to follow when cleaning

  • Use proper cleaning materials.

It is extremely important to choose the right cleaning material to prevent damage to equipment. We have noted the points to remember while cleaning. The cleaning items should include a ladder, an extendable duster, microfiber cloth, a lint roller and bucket. The duster can be used to clean the ceiling fans, and ladders are used to safety reach any items. The microfiber cloths are used to clean all the dust leftover after cleaning with the duster.

  • Stay patient

It is advised to stay always stay patient while cleaning, there is no need to rush. If you are in a hurry it is most likely that you may miss something. You may lead in breaking some delicate light bulbs or lamps. Cleaning properly can helps you in attaining that perfect look and reduces the chance of accidents. Take time and complete your work properly. Proper cleaning increases the beauty and durability of our lighting essentials in our homes.

  • Proper way to clean lighting materials.

When you are planning to clean any lighting items gather your information from the product manuals, if you require more information.

Photo by Sebastian Fröhlich on UnSplash

Follow some these safety measure before cleaning takes place

  • Isolate power to lights 15 minutes before prior to cleaning
  • Gently wipe off the any dust on light fittings
  • Remove all covers prior to prevent unwanted damage
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals
  • Soak in warm water for 15 minutes
  • Make sure everything is dry before putting back together

Final measures to follow

Be extra cautious while cleaning delicate lampshades and covers of lighting. Make sure you use a microfiber cloth or soft brush to clean gentle glass. Be extra careful while cleaning glass and delicate objects.

These are just some important measures to consider when cleaning any light fittings. You may contact Adam Robinson Castlemaine and his company for a professional installation of new lighting to improve the quality of your home!

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